We believe in excellence. At Catur Bhakti Mandiri, we are incredibly proud of our manufacturing facility.

Our fully integrated facility houses every single process needed throughout the manufacturing of our furniture; including drying, machining, veneering, assembling and finishing. In addition we have modern wood working machinery, which ensures that all component parts are created with consistency and precision.

Our facility allows us to control the entire manufacturing process, which means that the final product will meet your exacting aesthetic and structural requirements. Our process ensures consistent delivery of high quality products on time, every time.

We believe it is essential to continuously review and improve every aspect of our production. We are continuously updating our technical capability and manufacturing equipment to ensure we can produce the most beautiful furniture that you will fall in love with.

It is essential that everything gets to you in an excellent condition, and to achieve this we design and manufacture packaging that is specifically tailored to your products’ size and shape. This will ensure your furniture arrives exactly how it left the factory.